Mobile Phone Financing Scheme Setbacks and Reasons

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Mobile Phone Financing Scheme Setbacks and Reasons


The planned introduction of the Mobile Phone Financing Scheme by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has faced obstacles, leading the federal government to withdraw the policy draft for a comprehensive reevaluation.

In response, the government has instructed the Ministry of Information Technology to resubmit the policy, subjecting it to a thorough examination by the Ministry of Law.


Earlier this month, the Ministry of IT and Telecom presented the Mobile Phones on Installment Policy to the federal cabinet for approval. Insider information suggests that, following the federal government’s approval, the Ministry of IT and Telecom intends to issue a policy directive, clearing the path for the initiation of a mobile phone financing program.

Furthermore, the policy, currently undergoing scrutiny by the Ministry of Law, is scheduled for presentation to the federal cabinet in the coming days. If granted approval, the scheme is anticipated to launch by the end of this month or early next month.

The objective of the mobile phones on installment initiative is to empower citizens, especially those with limited financial means, by offering them the chance to own mobile phones through interest-free installment plans.

In addition, the proposed policy addresses the challenge of defaulters who do not fulfill their installment obligations. Upon approval, individuals facing difficulties with payments may experience the blocking of their mobile phones.

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Technicalities which caused the delay

The implementation of this measure will see a significant role played by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), signaling a departure from the traditional reliance on mobile companies for enforcement. The Device Identification Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) of the PTA will be pivotal in executing the blocking process.

This policy underscores its commitment to assisting low-income individuals in gaining access to essential technology. This aligns with the vision of creating an inclusive digital landscape that caters to the diverse needs of the population.

Overview of the Policy

The policy draft is under review by the Ministry of Law due to concerns about defaulters and implementation logistics.

This review has delayed the initial launch timeline (planned for end of January/early February 2024).

Revised policy is expected to be presented to the federal cabinet soon, potentially leading to a launch in the coming weeks or months.

Target Audience

Individuals with limited financial means who lack access to smartphone ownership.

Aiming to bridge the digital divide and expand mobile internet penetration in Pakistan.

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Key Features

Interest-free installment plans to purchase smartphones.

Potential for phone blocking through PTA’s DIRBS system for individuals who default on payments.

Emphasis on affordability and accessibility of essential technology.

Potential Benefits

Increased smartphone ownership and mobile internet utilization, boosting digital literacy and access to online services.

Economic benefits for mobile phone retailers and telecommunication companies.

Contribution to the government’s vision of an inclusive digital Pakistan.

Challenges and Concerns

Ensuring effective implementation and preventing misuse of the financing scheme.

Addressing potential defaulters and phone blocking mechanisms in a fair and responsible manner.

Balancing affordability with sustainability of the program for mobile operators and financing institutions.

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