Margalla Hills Fire Erupts Again

News Desk4 days ago

The Margalla Hills were consumed by the fire that started close to Kalenjar hamlet. After receiving the information, CDA personnel raced to put out the fire.

Vehicles from the fire department have also arrived at the location.
Video taken by locals showed rising smoke from Margalla Hills, raising concerns about the preservation of wildlife.

Two fire incidences have recently been reported, one in the hills of Saidpur and the other near Chiran Di Gali. The firefighters and three helicopters from the Prime Minister’s Office and defense authorities needed around seven hours to douse the fire. However, the hills were once more on fire at fifteen separate sites the following day. After eight hours of frantic work, the fire was extinguished with the help of the firefighters and the three helicopters.

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The Margalla Hills National Park is spread over 12,605 hectares and falls under the jurisdiction of two organisations – the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB).

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