Main Differences Between PUBG and BGMI

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pubg vs bgmi

Is Battleground India Mobile better than PUBG Mobile: BGMI and PUBG Mobile are similar?

BlueStacks Guide to Differences Between PUBG Mobile and BGMI

This article will explore whether Battleground Mobile India surpasses PUBG Mobile. Shall we?

Indian gaming enthusiasts have eagerly awaited the return of PUBG Mobile to the country, and it has indeed made a comeback, albeit under the moniker “Battlegrounds Mobile India” (BGMI). Despite the name suggesting potential updates to PUBG Mobile’s core gameplay, it’s important to note that there haven’t been any major changes in the gameplay itself.

However, there are some distinctions between Battlegrounds Mobile India and the global edition of PUBG Mobile, which will be detailed in this article. BGMI maintains the gameplay and fundamental concepts of PUBG Mobile, though it’s not devoid of changes. Players will quickly notice alterations made to adapt Battlegrounds Mobile India to the Indian market.

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PUBG vs BGMI: Key Changes in Battlegrounds Mobile India Compared to PUBG Mobile

Kills are Now Finished

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, the act of downing enemies is now referred to as “Finishes,” a measure taken considering its audience under 18 years old, thereby sanitizing the game’s overall presentation. While it carries a sense of finality, some PUBG Mobile enthusiasts may miss the thrill of a “kill.”

Age Restriction

Underage players (below 18 years old) face restrictions in Battlegrounds Mobile India, limiting their gameplay to three hours per day and requiring parental or guardian permission. Additionally, there’s a daily spending limit of INR 7000 for in-game purchases, a feature not present in PUBG Mobile.

Audio Warning at the Start of a Game

At the beginning of each game, players receive an audio warning emphasizing the game’s virtual nature and advising moderation and frequent breaks.

Server Change Option

Battlegrounds Mobile India offers players the ability to change servers if they’re unsatisfied with their current ping. This feature can be accessed through the Settings menu.

Exclusive Outfits and Events

BGMI introduces exclusive outfits and events tailored to local consumer interests. Krafton, in collaboration with its partners, promises frequent updates with new content. Additionally, various in-game events and limited-edition outfits are being prepared to celebrate the game’s release.


In summary, while Battlegrounds Mobile India largely maintains the essence of PUBG Mobile, it introduces certain changes and features to cater to the Indian market and its regulatory environment.

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