LUMS Student Jumps to Death Following Fight with Girl

News Desk3 months ago

A student from a private university tragically leaped from the tenth floor of a tall building, succumbing to fatal injuries. The heartbreaking incident involved Syed Musa, a B.Sc student at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), who jumped from a building in Penta Square, Defence B area of Lahore.

The unfortunate event unfolded after an argument between Musa and a girl during a party they both attended. The distressed young man, reportedly influenced by a banned substance, leapt from the balcony of a flat in the affluent neighborhood.

Local authorities reported that the student took his own life following the altercation with the girl at the party. The deceased, identified as Syed Musa, was taken into custody, and the police initiated an investigation into the incident, with ongoing proceedings.

This incident reflects a concerning trend observed among youth in various parts of the world, highlighting the vulnerability of university students to elevated levels of suicidal ideation. Notably, another distressing case involved a girl named Alina, who previously jumped from the roof of a coffee shop in Lahore’s Defense area.


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