‘Kung Fu Panda’ Returns to the Big Screen

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It wasn’t hard for Black to get back into the Po persona after all this time. All he needed to do was jot down a few notes.

“Well, I do need to get ready. recalling my childhood and my favorite things from that time. What am I passionate about as Po is about Kung Fu? What was it that I really loved? The Six Million Dollar Man is the response. Regarding the 1970s series, Black told Reuters, “It was my favorite show.”

“That show had a bionic man, and I really enjoyed it.” I adored “The Hulk,” and I watched it once a week every week. I used to act like a bionic man and do drawings of bionic men; that’s what Po is all about—that carefree energy. It’s so easy to remember your youthful exuberance—you can hear it seeping into my voice already.”

Po is charged in “Kung Fu Panda 4” with identifying the next dragon warrior.

The thieving fox Zhen, played by Awkwafina, steps in as Po’s replacement and decides to assist Po in battling the power-hungry Chameleon, played by Oscar winner Viola Davis.

In a joint interview with Black, Awkwafina stated, “There is something that feels very relatable personally to her, so I feel like that probably is one of the closest to my personality and voice that I’ve ever voiced in an animated character.”

Director Mike Mitchell claimed to have let Black and Awkwafina run wild with their ideas during voice recordings because they are actually pals.

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I was aware of their tense relationship since they were constantly making jokes about one another. So I thought, “Let’s just turn them into cartoon characters and do that so I really just stay out of the way when they’re behind the mic,” he added.

Friday marks the release of “Kung Fu Panda 4” in US theatres.

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