Kiara Advani ‘Fake Accent’ at Cannes

News Desk1 month ago

The performer expressed her thanks for being invited to the occasion in an interview that has since gone viral, but what really drew fans’ attention was her accent, which some thought was phony, according to an Indian media outlet.

As she approaches her tenth year as a performer, Kiara Advani remarked in an interview that receiving an invitation to the event was humble.

It also arrives at a really significant time, she remarked.

Her accent changed, especially the way she said “very” and “at,” which led some fans to accuse her of making it up to sound more impressive.

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One users wrote, “Does Kiara Advani think she’s a Kim Kardashian when she talks like that?”

Another said, “I love her but why that accent?”

The third user commented, “Indian accent is no way bad or a degrade then why do these people have to not choose it n ruin the whole damn thing.”


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