Kangana Ranaut Allegedly Assaulted by Woman Constable at Airport

News Desk3 days ago

An airport security personnel member smacked the recently elected Member Parliament (MP) of India as she was traveling to Delhi, according to a report published by an Indian media site on Thursday.

The female official reportedly lost her temper at Kangana Ranaut’s remarks criticizing the Indian farmers’ protests.

The actor claimed in a statement that she was headed to the Chandigarh airport’s boarding area to take a flight to Delhi when the CISF official started arguing with her and gave her a slap.

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“Everyone is phoning and texting me all the time. I’d like to clarify that I’m safe. There was a security check incident at the airport in Chandigarh today. “A CISF officer came and hit me in the face as I was leaving after finishing the security check,” the woman claimed.

The BJP member said that she was also insulted by the female officer.

“She told me she supports the farmers’ protest when I asked her why she did it. I’m secure. How we respond to the growing terrorism in Punjab worries me,” the woman remarked.

It’s important to note that Kangana Ranaut misrepresented the Kisan Morcha, or farmers’ protest, on social media in 2021 as a “Khalistani movement.”

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