Journalist’s Health Insurance Scheme Restored, Announces Government

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Speaking at a ceremony to mark the introduction of the health insurance program for journalists, the minister stated that the government was doing enough to support the needs of the journalist community and that he had personally asked the prime minister to take further action in that area.

The minister asked the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) to grant journalists and media professionals their rightful compensation. In that regard, he had discussed his wishes with media organization owners, and he preferred those checks for unpaid balances be given to journalists directly rather than via the Implementation Tribunal for Newspaper Employees (ITNE) platform.

He claimed that upon taking office as minister of information, he made sure that media businesses’ unpaid debts were settled as soon as possible. He added that he was continuing the health insurance policy that former information minister Marriyum Aurangzeb had started.

He continued, “In the first phase, about 5,000 journalists will receive medical coverage, and in the second phase, 10,000 more journalists will receive the same benefits.” The minister claimed that the project had a budgetary allocation of Rs 1 billion.

He noted that in order to ensure that their families receive financial support as well, he had asked the Principal Information Officer to include individuals who passed away from unnatural causes in the insurance package.

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Tarar claimed to have worked on and signed a report pertaining to the federal grants that are given to media organizations. He claimed that he had made sure the ministry and its affiliated organizations had an open door policy ever since taking office.

“To advance the nation’s development, we must collaborate,” he continued.

The minister applauded the journalism community for raising public awareness of social and economic challenges. He gave his word that the government will keep up its defense of journalists’ rights.

He noted that as media platforms have grown, false information and fake news have become a major problem that harms people’s integrity and reputations. He emphasized the necessity of creating a forum that could address such issues.

He declared unequivocally, “The government will take an initiative in this regard in consultation with all the stakeholders.” The minister asked media organizations and press clubs to organize a committee to develop a comprehensive law to combat false and misleading information.

He declared that in order to maintain contact with the journalism community, he would host “meet the press” events. “In order to work toward the journalists’ welfare, we must band together. We’ll keep doing our part to guarantee that journalists’ concerns are addressed,” he insisted.

Tarar expressed his appreciation to the journalism community for inviting him to the press conference announcing the introduction of the journalist’s health insurance program. He gave his word that there would be no problems with the monies being released.


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