Jahangir Khan Tareen Resigns from Politics and IPP Leadership

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Jahangir Khan Tareen, the Patron-in-Chief of Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP), has decided to step down from both politics and his leadership role within the party. Tareen made this announcement through a heartfelt post on social media, expressing gratitude to his supporters and acknowledging the will of the people of Pakistan.

Tareen’s Resignation Announcement

  • Tareen announced his resignation from the Chairmanship of IPP and withdrawal from politics altogether.
  • Emphasized respect for the will of the people and expressed gratitude to party members.
  • Stated his intention to continue serving the country in a private capacity.

Election Defeats and Reaction

  • Tareen faced defeat in recent general elections from NA-149 Multan and NA-155 Lodhran.
  • IPP President Abdul Aleem Khan expressed sadness over Tareen’s decision, hailing him as the perpetual patron-in-chief.

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Aleem Khan’s Victories and Reaction

IPP President Victory

Abdul Aleem Khan, the IPP President, secured significant victories in the recent elections, further strengthening the party’s presence.

Election Results

  • Aleem Khan emerged victorious in NA-117 and PP-149 with substantial mandate.
  • NA-117: Aleem Khan secured a resounding victory with 72,519 votes.
  • PP-149: Aleem Khan clinched victory with 51,756 votes.

Aleem Khan’s Reaction to Tareen’s Resignation

Aleem Khan paid tribute to Tareen, acknowledging his philanthropic activities. Described Tareen’s presence in any government as an honor.

Lesser Known Facts about Jahangir Khan Tareen

  • Tareen’s early education at Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur, and MBA from the University of North Carolina.
  • Worked as a lecturer, banker, and chairman of the Punjab Task Force on Agriculture.
  • Owns the largest sugar mill business in Pakistan, JDW Sugar Mills.
  • Paternal cousin of Shaukat Tareen, a two-time finance minister of Pakistan.

Political Journey and Founding of IPP

Jahangir Khan Tareen’s Political Career Highlights

  • Began political career with PML-Q in 2002, serving as special adviser on agriculture.
  • Joined PTI in 2011, serving as general secretary and winning elections in 2015.
  • Disqualified for life in 2017 by the apex court under Article 62(1)(f).
  • Founded IPP in June 2023 and contested recent elections.

Election 2024 Prospects

IPP Chief Faces Tough Battles in Key Constituencies

  • Tareen to contest from NA-149 Multan and NA-155 Lodhran in 2024 elections.
  • Challenged by PTI’s Malik Amir Dogar and PML-N’s Siddique Baloch respectively.

Jahangir Khan Tareen’s decision to retire from active politics marks the end of an era, leaving a void in the political landscape. The IPP, under the leadership of Abdul Aleem Khan, aims to carry on the party’s legacy and continue serving the people of Pakistan.

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