Israel Launches Heavy Assault on Gaza, Tanks Advance in Rafah

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US-backed This week, mediators from Qatar and Egypt have made another attempt to resolve conflicting demands that stand in the way of ending hostilities, freeing Palestinian prisoners and Israeli hostages, and allowing unhindered humanitarian relief to reach Gaza. Nevertheless, others with knowledge of the negotiations claimed that little progress had been made.

According to residents, tank-led forces have pushed to the southwest edge of Rafah, which borders the Gaza Strip’s border with Egypt, a month after rolling into the city in what Israel claimed was an attack to destroy Hamas’ final standing armed formations.

They reported that snipers had taken control of some buildings and high ground, trapping people inside their homes, and that tanks were positioned in the al-Izba neighborhood close to the Mediterranean coast. They claimed that the Israel machinegun fire had rendered it too hazardous to leave.

According to Gaza health sources, tank bombardment in western Rafah has resulted in two Palestinian deaths and numerous injuries. Palestinian medical professionals reported that Israeli bombing in central Gaza killed at least fifteen persons last night.

“I believe that the occupying soldiers are attempting to enter the Rafah beach area. One Palestinian resident told Reuters on a chat app that the raids and the bombing that occurred overnight were tactical; they entered under heavy fire before retreating.

An Israeli airstrike on a residence in the bigger city of Khan Younis, just north of Rafah, resulted in eight deaths and numerous injuries, including to children, according to medical personnel.

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Rescue workers said that an Israeli bombardment on a Gaza City school building housing displaced families resulted in the deaths of three Palestinians in north Gaza.

Similar to its justification for an airstrike on a U.N. school building in al-Nuseirat, central Gaza, on Thursday that left doctors reporting 40 dead, including 14 children, the Israeli military claimed it had targeted Hamas fighters operating from a container inside the school premises.

Israel claimed to have killed several of the 20–30 militants who were hiding in the facility on Thursday. The U.N. reported that about 6,000 displaced individuals were taking refuge there.

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