iPhone 16 to follow Samsung Galaxy S24 for AI

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iPhone 16 to follow Samsung Galaxy S24 for AI

Apple is making substantial investments in generative AI, bringing on-device capabilities to its upcoming iPhones. A recent report from the Financial Times sheds light on Apple’s endeavor, mirroring the strides made by competitors like Samsung’s Galaxy S24 and Google’s Pixel 8.

Strategic Acquisitions and Talent Hunt

Apple’s strategic approach involves overcoming the challenge of running AI directly on mobile phones. The tech giant has discreetly acquired AI startups, including the notable purchase of WaveOne last year, specializing in AI-driven video compression. Job postings by Apple also reveal a focus on “Deep Learning” skills, pivotal for AI training algorithms.

‘Ajax’ Large Language Model (LLM)

Rumors are swirling around the debut of Apple’s own Large Language Model (LLM) dubbed ‘Ajax,’ expected to accompany the release of iOS 18 later this year. Anticipated to align with the launch of the iPhone 16, this year’s iPhone series is poised to feature on-device generative AI capabilities for the first time.

Unlike its counterparts like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Ajax is rumored to be tailored for local processing on iPhones, potentially making it more compact than competitors like GPT-4. This strategic move by Apple signals a shift away from cloud-based generative AI features.

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On-Device AI: A Power Move

While on-device AI processing may raise concerns about increased battery drainage, Apple appears poised to mitigate this issue. Leveraging the efficiency of its A-series chipsets, Apple aims to achieve faster AI processing without compromising battery life significantly. This move positions Apple to outpace competitors in delivering quicker AI capabilities without reliance on internet connectivity.

Revamped Siri and Enhanced Microphone Functions

Beyond AI advancements, reports suggest a revamped Siri with enhanced AI capabilities is in the works. The upgrade includes improved microphone functions, facilitating seamless user recognition.

Anticipated iPhone 16 Lineup

As tradition dictates, the upcoming iPhone lineup is expected to make its debut in September, featuring the iPhone 16, 16 Plus, 16 Pro, and the 16 Pro Max. With AI at the forefront of innovation, Apple’s latest iPhone promises a leap forward in technology, ushering in a new era of on-device generative capabilities and enhanced digital experiences.

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