Instagram influencer Anamika Bishnoi Shot by Husband

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Instagram influencer Anamika Bishnoi Shot by Husband

In a tragic incident in Phalodi, Rajasthan, Anamika Bishnoi, a prominent Instagram influencer with over one lakh followers, was shot dead by her husband. The horrifying incident, which occurred in broad daylight, was captured on CCTV camera footage.

Anamika Bishnoi, who had recently separated from her husband and was living with their child, reportedly faced marital discord, including allegations of dowry harassment. A case regarding dowry had been filed against her husband in court prior to the tragic event.

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The brutal murder has sent shockwaves through the community, shedding light on the pressing issue of domestic violence and the safety of women, even those with a significant social media presence.

Local authorities have launched an investigation into the matter, and efforts are underway to apprehend the perpetrator. The tragic loss of Anamika Bishnoi has left her followers and the public in mourning, highlighting the urgent need for greater awareness and action to address domestic violence in society.

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