Imtiaz Ali Talks About ‘Jab We Met’ Sequel

News Desk3 months ago

Imtiaz Ali has disclosed if Jab We Met followers might anticipate receiving further installments from him in the future.

“I feel that it’s complete in itself, so I wouldn’t want to make a sequel,” he stated in an interview with India Today. I haven’t considered producing a follow-up to the movie at all.

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The filmmaker expressed his genuine affection for the project after deciding that there are no plans to make it into a lucrative franchise.

“People really gave a lot of love when the film was re-released in theaters last year,” he recalled. While I was filming in Punjab, I would hear people dancing at movie theaters, etc.

“I would have the momentary sense that I wish I was there. After 16 years, I still feel that the movie is not mine. The crowd celebrates it because it is theirs. I no longer see the picture as my own; instead, I see it as an old buddy,” Imtiaz said.

In 2007, the romantic comedy Jab We Met, starring Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, was released.

Due to its superb score, character development, performances, and overall storyline, it quickly became a megahit with viewers.

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