Imran Khan Face Masks Sparks Massive Online Craze, Went Out of Stock Within Hours

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Imran Khan Face Masks Sparks Massive Online Craze, Went Out of Stock Within Hours

Imran Khan face masks have surged in popularity across social media platforms, symbolizing resistance against the ruling party and the incarceration of the former Prime Minister.

Despite facing a three-year prison sentence in a corruption case and relentless efforts by Nawaz Sharif’s party and the government to sideline Imran Khan and his party, supporters are innovatively expressing solidarity.

Amidst shutdowns of protests and campaign rallies, individuals are resorting to selling Imran Khan face masks online, with platforms like Daraz witnessing a surge in their popularity. While some ads have been removed, an increasing number are surfacing, underscoring a growing groundswell of support for the jailed politician.

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Reminiscent of the iconic Guy Fawkes masks used in global protests, these face masks are poised to become the symbol of a looming protest against the PML-N-led government. Despite facing challenges to their right to assemble and voice opinions, Imran Khan’s supporters remain resolute.

Despite Imran Khan’s incarceration, his influence remains potent, with people rallying around their “Kaptaan.” The government’s crackdown on PTI’s activities ahead of the 2024 elections, including internet blackouts during online gatherings and the use of tear gas and arrests during demonstrations, has only intensified tensions.

The emergence of Imran Khan face masks signifies not only a creative form of protest but also the unwavering determination of his supporters to make their voices heard despite government obstacles.

Imran Khan’s Mask on Daraz

A photo of a mask mimicking Khan’s features went viral on social media, causing a huge demand for similar masks.

Within hours, these masks sold out on Daraz, a popular online shopping platform in Pakistan. This unexpected trend reflects a form of peaceful protest where people are expressing their frustration creatively.

The fervor for these unique masks was so intense that they quickly flew off the virtual shelves of Daraz, one of Pakistan’s premier online marketplaces. Interestingly, supporters of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party joined the trend with enthusiasm, flooding online stores in their eagerness to purchase the masks.


As political tensions continue to simmer, the emergence of these face masks offers a glimpse into the complex interplay between politics, symbolism, and popular culture in contemporary Pakistan.


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