IHC gives Four Days to AGP to Recover Kashmiri Poet

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It is said that last week Ahmed Farhad was kidnapped from his house. The Pakistani Human Rights Commission has demanded that the authorities free him right away.

His wife filed a petition in IHC on May 15, asking for his recovery and production before the court as well as the identification, investigation, and prosecution of those accountable for his abduction.

Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP) Mansoor Usman, Secretary Interior, IGP Islamabad, and representatives from the Defense Ministry attended the hearing, which was presided over by IHC Judge Mohsin Akhtar Kayani.

The IHC judge was reassured of Farhad’s rescue and rehabilitation by AGP Mansoor Usman. “We’ll go above and above. Speaking to the IHC judge, the AGP declared, “We will recover and rescue the missing poet.”

Speaking to the Attorney General, Justice Kayani stated, “You have to make sure that nobody is picked up from Islamabad.” If someone is apprehended, the state will have failed.

“The administration needs to act decisively if it is sincere about getting Ahmed Farhad back. The court expects the government to carry out its obligations, but it will not get involved in the case, he said.

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Meanwhile, the petitioner’s lawyer, Iman Mazari, asked the AGP to share the progress on recovery made in the last six days. “If the agencies don’t have him [Farhad] then he can be traced at least,” she argued.

The court has summoned the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Interior to appear before it on the next hearing.

The case has been adjourned until Friday, and the court has directed the Attorney General to ensure the recovery of Ahmad Farhad by Friday.


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