High-Capacity Freight Wagons Added to Pakistan Railways’ Fleet

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Details indicate that 40 high-capacity locally built wagons, made possible by Chinese technology, have been added to the PR fleet.

Aamir Baloch, the CEO of Pakistan Railways, officially launched the wagon introduction.
The worldwide requirements were followed in the construction of the high-capacity wagons, which can move 70 tons of cargo at 100 km/h.

By the conclusion of FY2025-26, according to Baloch, 820 more wagons would be added to the railways’ fleet. Local freight wagon manufacturing will boost revenue by Rs. 9 billion annually while also preserving foreign reserves.

PR reduced rail tickets by 25% on Tuesday in order to make travel easier for people celebrating Eidul Adha in 2024.

According to specifics, Pakistan Railways has declared a fare decrease for the three days of Eidul Adha in 2024. This offer is valid for all passenger trains, with the exception of special trains for the holiday.

A representative for Pakistan Railways said, “We are thrilled to announce this significant fare reduction as part of our commitment to serving the people of Pakistan.” Only existing reservations will be eligible for the discount.

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Pakistan Railways had already proposed a cut in train prices for all classes in May 2024.

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