Hidden Cameras in Girls’ Hostel Bathroom”

News Desk2 days ago

According to information, the event happened in Johar Town, Lahore, and involved hidden cameras placed inside the hostel’s bathroom for girls. After receiving a complaint from a student’s uncle, the hostel owner, his wife, and seven other suspects have been charged. Police report that the girl’s hostel has been cleared out and that the suspects have left the scene. In addition, the inquiry team has obtained testimony from more than forty students who were staying at the dorm, and they have verified that there are covert cameras in the restroom.

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In a another occasion, covert cameras were discovered in the women’s restrooms of a private school in the Safoora Goth neighborhood’s Scheme-33. The authority’s team stormed the location and found the hidden camera beneath the washroom basins after the female staff of the school reported their suspicions to the Sindh Education and Literacy Department about the installation of cameras inside the restrooms designated for women and girls.

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