Google Pixel Phones Now ‘Medical Grade’ Thermometers

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Google Pixel Phones Now 'Medical Grade' Thermometers

Remember the initially limited thermometer feature introduced with the Google Pixel 8 series? It’s now gaining practicality in the latest Pixel feature drop, allowing users to utilize it as a “medical-grade” thermometer for measuring body temperature.

January 2024 Pixel Feature Drop

In the January 2024 Pixel Feature Drop, the recently unveiled Circle to Search feature, coinciding with Samsung’s Galaxy S24 launch, is now official for Pixel phones. Intriguingly, this feature is being rolled out at the same time as the Galaxy S24 goes on sale on January 31. It enables users to quickly Google search anything highlighted on the screen after a long press of the home button, whether it’s an image, text, or other content.

Amazing Features of Google Pixel 8

The latest Pixel feature drop introduces a blend of advancements and inspirations drawn from various sources, addressing previous feature limitations and incorporating functionalities observed in competitors. Here’s a breakdown of the key updates:

“Medical Grade” Thermometer

The once rudimentary thermometer feature now offers practical utility, allowing users to measure body temperature.

The term “medical grade” implies potential FDA clearance, suggesting enhanced accuracy.

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Circle to Search

Taking a cue from Samsung’s Galaxy S24 feature, Pixel phones now feature screen search activated by a long-press of the home button.

The timing, coinciding with the Galaxy S24 launch, raises questions about independent development or inspiration.

Magic Compose

This feature elevates draft messages by incorporating AI-powered rewriting in different styles, reminiscent of Chrome’s “Help me write” feature.

Pixel 8 Pro processes on-device, while older models rely on the cloud, requiring internet access and potentially resulting in slower operation.

Quick Share Replaces Nearby Share

Google and Samsung align under the Quick Share brand for cross-device file sharing between Android, Windows, and ChromeOS.

Functionality remains unchanged.

Pixel Watch Audio Switching

Users can seamlessly shift audio between Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel phones, and Pixel Tablet with intuitive notifications.

Photomoji in Messages

Transforming favorite photos into emoji reactions using on-device Google AI adds a playful touch to communication.


This Pixel feature drop not only addresses user feedback on thermometer functionality and incorporates a popular competitor’s feature but also enhances native tools like Magic Compose and Pixel Watch audio switching. The addition of Photomoji introduces a playful element to communication. These updates underscore Google’s commitment to refining existing features, embracing external influences, and enriching the overall Pixel user experience.

Further Points to Consider

The simultaneous launch of Circle to Search with the Galaxy S24 prompts questions about potential collaboration or inspiration.

Older Pixel models may encounter limitations with Magic Compose due to their reliance on the cloud.

The “medical grade” claim for the thermometer warrants additional information regarding accuracy and testing methods.

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