Food Poisoning Claims Lives of Two Elderly Siblings in Lahore

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The siblings were discovered dead in their Ghalib Market home, and the first post-mortem examination indicated that they had died from food poisoning, according to the police.

According to the police, forensic testing will be done on the deceased siblings’ body parts in order to carry out additional inquiry.

Hamid, 70, and Saima, 75, his sister, were discovered dead in their home in Gulberg Market’s Ghalib Market Canal Park earlier. While his sister’s body was discovered in a room, the old guy was discovered dead in a patio.

In the meantime, the police also filed a case against unidentified people using Babar, the brother of the slain siblings, as their source of information.

Additional investigations, according to the police, are in progress.

In a heartbreaking occurrence that occurred earlier, a mother and four young girls in Tandlianwala, Punjab, perished after eating toxic food.

The deceased were identified as three-year-old Farzana, four-year-old Aqsa, five-year-old Rukhsana, eight-year-old Muskan, and their 34-year-old mother Muskan, according to the police, who also confirmed the casualties.

The incident happened in Tandlianwala, which is 45 kilometers from Okara and 40 kilometers from Faisalabad. According to the police, deceased people have been moved to the District Headquarters Hospital.

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In a related event that occurred in Toba Tek Singh on April 5, at least four family members perished after ingesting poisoned tea.

Details reveal that the sad occurrence took place in Toba Tek Singh, where three family members—Ali, age six, Iqra, age seven, and Sania, age 22—died after consuming poisoned tea.

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