Five Injured, Three Killed in Clash Over Children’s Fight

News Desk3 months ago

The specifics state that a disagreement between kids grew violent, leading to a clash between two parties in the federal capital that left three people dead and five injured.

The event happened inside the Sihala police station’s boundaries.

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Dead bodies and injured persons were shifted to the hospital, the police said. The deceased were identified as Ghulam Mustafa, Zubair Iqbal, and Parvez.
Bilal Mustafa, Umair Iqbal, Adeel, Gulfam and Sidra.

A similar event occurred in Karachi in May 2023, when members of two families exchanged gunfire after a disagreement between their children, leaving two people dead and two injured.

In Karachi’s Manghopir neighborhood, a battle between two families turned from a childish argument into a violent altercation that left two people dead and two wounded, including a lady.

According to Senior Superintendent Police (SSP) West Faisal Bashir Memon, a fight between the kids caused the Brohi family members to open fire on their neighbors.

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