5 Indicators of Excessive Sugar Consumption

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Sugar not only improves taste and texture in baked items, but it also helps preserve sauces, dressings, and jellies. Although it might be challenging to abstain from sugar, too much of it can be detrimental to your health.

1. Frequent Cavities

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Do you enjoy sweet meals, candies, and fruit juice a lot? If so, your chances of getting cavities are higher than those of the general population. Sugar is a food source for certain naturally existing oral microorganisms. After consumption, sugar combines with these microorganisms to form acid, which damages teeth and accelerates tooth decay.

2. Constant Fatigue

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Consuming sugar provides your body with a brief energy surge. But after that little hit, especially if you just finished a large piece of chocolate cake, you’ll start to feel sleepy. Your blood glucose level, or the quantity of sugar in your blood, rises nearly immediately after eating a lot of sugar. The pancreas releases a lot of insulin to help you regain equilibrium and tells your cells to start burning sugar for energy. Fatigue and reactive hypoglycemia are the outcomes.

3. Depressed Mood

Depression (mood) – Dr.Prakob HealthMap

Vitamin B and sugar just don’t go along. Sugary meals make it difficult for your body to absorb vitamin B, which is a substance that has a big impact on mood. In fact, low vitamin B can exacerbate depression, particularly if you consume a lot of sweets regularly.

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4. Frequent Thirst

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Particles of sugar enter your bloodstream every time you consume a sugar-filled meal. Your cells get active, release water, and alert your brain to thirst to regain equilibrium. You are left with just one thought when this occurs: a big glass of water.

5. Frequent Headaches

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Moderate sugar consumption is often not regarded as a headache risk factor. On the other hand, if you eat too much sugar, this is untrue. An excessive amount of sugar raises insulin levels and can cause a sharp decrease in blood sugar, which can cause headaches.

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