FIA Office Robbery: Suspects Arrested, Rs 50mn Recovered

News Desk2 days ago

In a statement, the police spokesperson stated that following the arrest of Saad Anwar and Muhammad Hamza, the two suspects, the Mandra police station personnel retrieved the pilfered goods. The spokesman claimed that the former FIA workers were also complicit in the theft of items from the FIA headquarters, including cell phones, wireless sets, phoney licence plates, foreign cards, and identity cards, totaling Rs 50 million. The police spokesperson revealed that during the raid, 50 million rupees worth of local and foreign currencies were also found.

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But Hassan, Mehtab, Ali, and Abdullah Khan—the other accomplice—have already been taken into custody for the theft. According to the accused’s confessional testimony, the items were taken from the FIA headquarters’ CBC office.


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