FBR’s Rewards Scheme for Law Enforcement in Anti-Smuggling

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FBR's Rewards Scheme for Law Enforcement in Anti-Smuggling

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has now made officers from law enforcement and intelligence agencies eligible for monetary rewards. This initiative is part of FBR’s efforts to acknowledge and incentivize the crucial role these officers play in curbing smuggling activities.

The announcement, made on Wednesday, comes with an update to the FBR’s Reward Rules of 2012. This revision aims to strengthen the collaboration between Customs officials and other law enforcement agencies in tackling the persistent challenge of smuggling.

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Under the new eligibility criteria, officers and officials from different law enforcement and intelligence agencies will be rewarded for their support in assisting Customs officers during the seizure of smuggled goods and vehicles. The rewards will be a testament to their commendable efforts and success in these operations.

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A key stipulation for the disbursement of these rewards is the confirmation of the officers’ involvement by the respective Collectorate of Customs. This measure ensures that the rewards are precisely targeted and meritoriously earned. The FBR’s initiative is seen as a step towards not only recognizing the hard work of these officers but also motivating them to continue their vigilant efforts against smuggling.

The reward will be issued after the successful recovery of either a part or the entire amount of duties and taxes implicated in the smuggling cases. This move by the FBR is expected to have a significant impact on enhancing the effectiveness of anti-smuggling operations across the country.

The FBR’s decision has been welcomed by various stakeholders, who see it as a positive step towards reinforcing law enforcement activities. By financially rewarding the efforts of these officers, the FBR aims to encourage a more robust and cooperative approach in tackling smuggling, ultimately contributing to the nation’s economic security.

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