Fact File of an Aircraft

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Have you ever wondered how many flights operate around the world in a day? According to the latest estimates, if passenger, cargo and military aircraft are counted, one lakh flights take off and land around the world every day. Remember, this is not talking about one lakh ships because domestic ships do more than one operation in a day. If you think this number is high, just imagine that there are 13 thousand 513 airports in the United States alone. So how many airports will there be in more than 200 countries around the world and how many flight operations are possible there? Commercial airlines usually fly at an altitude of 36,000 feet. While the safe height limit has been declared as 42 thousand feet. 42,000 feet is called the ceiling height, which means not to take the plane above it.

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But what will happen if the ship goes above it? The ship has been designed in such a way that its structure can withstand air pressure up to 42 thousand feet. Going higher than this can damage the aircraft structure, cause the aircraft operational system to respond or any dangerous situation may arise. Therefore, commercial airlines fly only at 36,000 feet. Now the question is why only 36 thousand? Why not at 10 or 15 thousand feet? The answer is that at higher altitudes less petrol is required due to lower air pressure

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