Electricity Bill Relief Ended

News Desk18 hours ago

The facts include that the NEPRA changed its consumer service handbook, which is effective right now and prevents customers from paying their payments over the course of the year in installments.

The amendment states that customers can only make installment payments for their electricity bills once a year.

Many customers are predicted to be devastated by the shift since they would have to pay the large invoices all at once.

All companies that supply electricity were given orders by the NEPRA requesting that they immediately put the new regulations into action.

The NEPRA instructed the power utilities to “only issue the computerized copy in case of installment.”

Customers of K-Electric will also be governed by the new consumer service manual.

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Due to a quarterly fuel adjustment, the NEPRA increased the price of power by Rs3.76 per unit earlier in the day.

The power regulator announced that the rise would be in effect for the months of June, July, and August of this year.

Customers will get higher electricity bills as a result of the most recent increase in electricity pricing, with additional rates of Rs 1.90 per unit in June and Rs 0.93 per unit in July and August.

Additionally, K-electric customers will be subject to an additional cost of Rs 46.61 billion as a result of this pricing hike.

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