Doctor Accidentally Shoots Patient in Shocking Medical Mishap

News Desk2 weeks ago

According to the details, the patient Asia Bibi was struck in the arm by the pistol that the female doctor, Hina Manzoor, had carried in her purse during her shift. The weapon unexpectedly fired as she attempted to remove it. The female physician drove her own car to Sheikhupura Hospital to take the injured patient urgently.

Subsequently, the injured patient’s family also attested to the incident; nevertheless, the hospital administration has declined to provide journalists access to the CCTV tape.

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In a different incidence, a woman in the Punjab province’s Gujranwala district unintentionally shot herself to death while cleaning her husband’s pistol.

Authorities claim that the woman was killing herself while cleaning her husband’s firearm, which went off.

While police blocked off the area to gather evidence, the body was moved to a nearby hospital for medico-legal formalities. “We’re looking into the incident from every angle,” the cops declared.

Before this, in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Johar block 11 area, a guy inadvertently shot himself while attempting to clean his gun.

The 30-year-old guy shot himself unintentionally at home while cleaning a gun, according to the police. In addition, there were two injuries from the incident.

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