Decline and Revival Strategies for Hockey in Pakistan

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Decline and Revival Strategies for Hockey in Pakistan


Hockey, once the pride of Pakistan’s sporting heritage, now faces a precipitous decline despite its storied past. Over the last two decades, this issue has garnered increasing concern, especially considering hockey’s status as the national sport. This report delves into the critical examination of hockey’s decline in Pakistan, probing into its root causes and proposing policy alternatives to address the situation.

Key Findings

  1. Hockey’s popularity among Pakistani youth and parents has dwindled, with school and college-level participation witnessing a notable decline.
  2. Players increasingly prioritize participation in global hockey leagues over representing the national team.
  3. A significant portion of surveyed students were unaware of Pakistan’s failure to qualify for the Hockey World Cup in 2014.
  4. Major contributors to hockey’s decline include government apathy towards the sport, insufficient media coverage, inability to adapt to evolving game requirements, low player salaries, and institutional inefficiencies within the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF).
  5. Driving forces for hockey’s revival include national pride restoration, renewed public interest, and resolution of financial challenges faced by players.
  6. Refraining forces encompass the cost of revival, lack of planning, and conflicts between the government and PHF.
  7. Policy actors influencing the discourse include media, government, PHF, former Olympians, current players, coaches, and citizens.

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  1. Establishment of a Pakistan Hockey League (PHL) akin to the Pakistan Super League (PSL) could reinvigorate the sport by attracting sponsors and nurturing local talent.
  2. Investment in infrastructure development, particularly in rural areas, is imperative to foster grassroots participation and cultivate a pool of skilled players.
  3. Financial incentives should be provided to schools, colleges, and clubs to maintain quality hockey teams and incentivize talent development.
  4. PHF should actively seek sponsors for the PHL to enhance financial security for players and generate media interest.
  5. Acquisition of PHF by a major sports entity could mitigate government influence and streamline organizational efficiency.


The revival of hockey in Pakistan necessitates a multifaceted approach encompassing structural reforms, financial incentives, and strategic partnerships. By leveraging policy alternatives such as the introduction of the PHL and infrastructure development, Pakistan can reclaim its status as a hockey powerhouse and secure a brighter future for the sport.

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