Death Toll Rises to 42 in Gaza as Israeli Strikes Continue

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24 people were killed in an Israeli attack on homes in Al-Shati, one of the eight famous refugee camps in the Gaza Strip, according to Ismail Al-Thawabta, who spoke with Reuters. In an attack on homes in the Al-Tuffah area, another eighteen Palestinians lost their lives.”A short while ago, IDF fighter jets struck two Hamas military infrastructure sites in the area of Gaza City,” the Israeli military said in a terse statement. It promised to offer further information shortly.

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Regarding Israel’s allegation that it struck its military infrastructure, Hamas remained silent. The strikes, according to a statement, were directed against civilians, and it promised that “the occupation and its Nazi leaders will pay the price for their violations against our people.”

Reuters was able to collect footage that showed dozens of Palestinians running around the wrecked houses in search of victims. The film from the Shati refugee camp showed destroyed homes, walls that had been blasted, and dust and debris filling the street.

According to Israeli estimates, Hamas rushed into southern Israel on October 7, murdering about 1,200 people and taking over 250 prisoners. This led to Israel initiating its land and air campaign in Gaza.

More than 37,400 individuals have been killed in Gaza as a result of the offensive; according to Palestinian health authorities, 101 of those deaths occurred in the last 24 hours. Nearly all of the population has been left homeless and in poverty.

After more than eight months of fighting, Israel’s offensive is now concentrated on the two regions that its forces still haven’t taken: the vicinity of Deir al-Balah in the center of Gaza and Rafah on the southern border.

Locals reported that in recent days, Israeli tanks had extended their infiltration into the northern and western regions of Rafah. Israeli soldiers attacked multiple locations on Saturday from the air and the ground, forcing many people who were residing in what were called “humanitarian-designated zones” to evacuate northward.

According to the Israeli military, personnel in Rafah resumed their “precise, intelligence-based” targeted operations, eliminating numerous Palestinian gunmen and demolishing military facilities.

At least 25 Palestinians were slain and 50 injured on Friday in Mawasi, in western Rafah, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. Palestinians claimed that a family gathering in a tent was struck by a tank shell.

The incident is being investigated, according to the Israeli military. The statement read, “A preliminary investigation indicates that there is no proof an IDF (Israel Defence Forces) strike occurred in the Humanitarian Area in Al-Mawasi.”

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