Deadly Blast Rocks Karachi: Tanker Explosion Kills One, Injures Six

News Desk3 days ago

According to specifics, while welding was being done on the parked tanker, the chemical tanker blew up, smashing the windows of the surrounding buildings.

Furthermore, a portion of another tanker that was nearby was also harmed by the explosion.

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A large explosion at a liquid petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder filling station in Hyderabad’s Preetabad suburb last week claimed the lives of at least three persons, including twenty-four.

The blast from the cylinder entered a business on the ground floor and began to spread to the upper stories of the building housing the families.

At least sixty individuals—the most of them children—were burned severely and required to be transported to Karachi after receiving emergency care at the Liaquat University Hospital (LUH).

Eighteen to twenty-two injured people with 80–90% burns were sent to a renowned Karachi hospital.

The injured were taken by ambulance to Hyderabad’s Civil Hospital and Liaquat University Hospital.

In another incident, a tea hotel near the Larri Adda bus stop in Lahore experienced a gas cylinder explosion that left at least 13 people injured.

Thirteen people were injured in a terrible occurrence that occurred at a nearby tea hotel when a cylinder exploded. According to the rescue sources, seven of the injured were minors.

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