Cybercriminals Target WhatsApp: Hacking Incidents on the Rise

News Desk2 weeks ago

An FIA official stated in a statement that the organization has observed a concerning rise in WhatsApp hacking instances and that hackers are primarily targeting accounts belonging to women.

According to the FIA’s cybercrime wing, hackers are gaining unauthorized access to accounts through the use of contemporary techniques.

The public was alerted by the FIA that hackers were gaining access to accounts using phishing, a type of social engineering scam in which attackers trick victims into disclosing personal information or downloading malicious software like ransomware.

The organization recommended WhatsApp users to use two-step verification to secure their accounts and to be wary of dubious messages and links.

The FIA’s advice also advised against opening messages and avoiding downloads, films, or images sent from unfamiliar numbers.

Additionally, it advised the WhatsApp user to frequently check and adjust their privacy settings. The organization requested that citizens contact the closest FIA circle or report compromised accounts by calling the helpdesk at 1991.

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