Controversy Arises from Iffat Omar’s Recent Dance Video

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Controversy Arises from Iffat Omar's Recent Dance Video

Iffat Omar, a talented Pakistani television actor and former model, embarked on her showbiz journey through modeling, garnering fame as one of the country’s top models. Her exceptional acting skills endeared her to audiences, particularly on PTV, where she starred in hit drama serials like “Ghulam Gardish,” “Muhabbat Aag Si,” and “Aangan.” Presently, although she has taken a hiatus from acting, she remains active on social media, engaging in discussions on various political and social issues, much to the delight of her fans who admire her outspokenness.

“Iffat Omar’s Latest Dance Video Ignites Criticism”

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Recently, a video from a family wedding featuring Iffat Omar has circulated on social media. In the video, she fearlessly dances to the iconic song “Duffli Waley Duffli Baja,” showcasing her dancing prowess while receiving cheers from the wedding attendees. Clad in a casual off-white Shalwar Qameez suit, Iffat Omar appears to thoroughly enjoy her dance performance.


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However, her dance has not been well-received by some fans, who have criticized her performance. Many expressed disapproval, stating that the dance did not align with her personality. One social media user commented, “Personally, I would not share my private wedding videos; dance or sing. Just enjoy your event, share it with your family and friends, not on a public platform.” Unfortunately, numerous critics have resorted to harsh comments, including age-shaming and judgment based on her political and religious views. Below are some of the comments:

Iffat Omar's Latest Dance Video Ignites Criticism

Iffat Omar's Latest Dance Video Ignites Criticism

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