China Appreciates Security Measures in Place in Pakistan

News Desk2 weeks ago

The minister called arrived at the Chinese Embassy to call on Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zedong who warmly welcomed Mohsin Naqvi. Both sides discussed the recent visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehabaz Sharif to China in a meeting.

A detailed discussion was also held on the promotion of Pakistan-China relations and measures taken for the security of Chinese citizens in Pakistan.

The recent visit of the prime minister has strengthened the friendship with China said Mohsin Naqvi adding that the president of China, the prime minister and senior leadership of China have always supported Pakistan.

He informed the Chinese Ambassador Jiang Zedong about the measures to protect Chinese citizens across the country including Islamabad. Mohsin Naqvi also briefed him on the security plan of Chinese engineers and staff working on CPEC and other projects.

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He said that comprehensive and effective SOPs have been made for the security of Chinese citizens and a separate force “SPU” is being created in Islamabad for foreign nationals. The protection of the Chinese brothers who are working for the construction and development of Pakistan is the first priority of the government of Pakistan, said Mohsin Naqvi.

He said that no one can create a rift in the eternal friendship between Pakistan and China and such a conspiracy will never be allowed to succeed. He said that Pakistan and China are friends and iron brothers said Chinese ambassador adding that China attaches great importance to relations with Pakistan.

The Chinese ambassador expressed satisfaction with the security arrangements made for the protection of Chinese citizens. Interior Secretary Khurram Ali Agha and senior officials of the Chinese Embassy were also present in the meeting.

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