Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III – Season 3

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Four new multiplayer game modes are included in Modern Warfare 3: Escort, Minefield, Capture the Flag, and One in the Chamber. Minefield and Escort will be added later in the season, while CTF and One in the Chamber are available right away. There will be a Minefield variation available in Hardpoint, Domination, and Kill Confirmed.

A novel element in Minefield is that dead players drop Proximity Mines that damage only their own team. In the meantime, one team must lead MAW across the map in escort mode while the other team defends and tries to stop them. After the first game, the teams switch sides, and whoever team can deliver the cargo the quickest wins.

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Six new Core 6v6 maps are also included in Season 3, four of which are playable right now: Growhouse, Tanked, Emergency, and 6 Star. A subsequent mid-season update featuring Checkpoint and Grime—which have been modified from Warzone Points of Interest and made ideal for smaller-scale 6v6 gameplay—will be released.
A variety of new tools and Perk Vests are included in Season 3 to improve gameplay.

One of the new Gear items is the High-Gain Antenna, which is intended to give the player and surrounding teammates a tactical advantage by increasing the minimap’s range.

It also enables for the visibility of close ally radar pings from their equipment and extends the presence of surrounding opponents and allies on the radar.

A unique Perk Vest designed for players that favor secondary weapons is the Gunslinger Vest. It offers a number of advantages, including increased reload speed, the capacity to reload while sprinting, quicker weapon switching, maximum reserve ammunition upon spawning, and stamina regeneration upon kills. To gain these benefits, players must only use secondary weapons, though.

The Modular Assault Rig Vest gives players who are looking for tactical advantages the ability to start with maximum Reserve Ammo and replenish Lethal and Tactical equipment from dead adversaries. The Compression Carrier Vest, on the other hand, offers improved healing effects by concentrating on support functions. After a kill or capturing an objective, players can instantly restore health, and the effects of gas grenades are lessened.

The new boots, often called Reinforced Boots, offer protection against effects that limit movement, such stun grenades.

Rebirth Resurgence, a new game mode that supports up to 44 players per match, is currently playable. The gameplay in this mode is more intense and fast-paced, and it adheres to the same rules as regular Resurgence but on a smaller map.

Resurrection and Rebirth Players will be able to jump into Rebirth Island with their favorite loadouts and personalized gear thanks to Loaded, which is scheduled to release in the Mid-Season update. This means that there’s no need to look for ground loot because every player enters the game fully armed.

First up is Squad Rage, a new kind of Battle Rage that can be found all over the map or purchased from Buy Stations. Squad Rage absorbs any gas in the user’s immediate proximity and, for as long as they are within range, gives the entire squad the effects of Battle Rage.

Foresight, a new Killstreak that brings back memories of its presence in the first Warzone, is currently playable. Foresight can be acquired by players through buy stations or looting it. When Foresight is activated, it shows players where each future gas circle will be, giving them important strategic knowledge.

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