Biography of Faraz From Ishq Murshid

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Biography of Faraz From Ishq Murshid


Name Awais Suleman
Character Name Faraz
Profession Business Man, Director & Actor
Relationship Status Married
Claim To The Fame Project Ishq Murshid
Director Farooq Rind
Writer Abdul Khaliq Khan
Channel Hum TV


Awais Suleman, a talented actor in the Pakistani television and theater industry, gained prominence through his role in the popular Hum TV drama series Ishq Murshid. Recently, he was featured on Something Haute’s program Haute Talk, hosted by Hassan Choudhary, where he shared insights into his background and journey into acting.

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Professional Career & Acting Background

Discussing his background, Awais mentioned, “I enrolled at the New York Film Academy in 2017. As an art enthusiast at heart, and encouraged by my wife to pursue my passion, I transitioned from my medical supplies business to pursue acting.” Although he didn’t study filmmaking, he gained experience in directing and collaborated with See Prime. He further honed his acting skills through theater courses at the Arts Council, leading to opportunities in the industry.

First Project & Difficulties

Recalling his initial projects, Awais recalled appearing in a short film directed by Sohail Javed and later in Grey by Green Entertainment, which didn’t provide the breakthrough he hoped for. His big break came with Ishq Murshid, after persistent efforts and multiple auditions. Despite facing challenges, including being replaced due to hair requirements, director Farooq Rind’s support and his determination eventually secured his role as Faraz in the series.

Relationship With Bilal Abbas

Reflecting on his rapport with actor Bilal Abbas, Awais praised his humility and collaborative spirit on set. Bilal’s support for fellow actors and commitment to character depth contributed to a positive working environment, fostering a strong friendship between them.

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Recognition After Ishq Murshid Success

Expressing surprise at his newfound recognition following Ishq Murshid’s success, Awais noted the impact of the series on his public perception, even with his changed appearance. Traveling to Malaysia, he encountered viewers who identified him with his character, Shahmir, underscoring the show’s enduring popularity.

Awais Suleman’s Personal Life Pictures
Below are a few personal life pictures of Awais Suleman:

Who Is Faraz From Ishq Murshid

Who Is Faraz From Ishq Murshid

Who Is Faraz From Ishq Murshid

Who Is Faraz From Ishq Murshid

Who Is Faraz From Ishq Murshid

Who Is Faraz From Ishq Murshid

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