10 Delicious and Best Chocolates in Pakistan with Price 2024

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Top 10 Best Chocoloates in Pakistan

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk is a classic favorite among chocolate lovers. Its smooth and creamy texture with various flavors like Silk, Fruit & Nut, and Oreo has garnered immense popularity in Pakistan. Cadbury Dairy Milk, a beloved chocolate, epitomizes indulgence with its smooth, creamy texture and rich cocoa flavor. Each bite unveils a delightful sweetness that instantly pleases the palate, making it a cherished treat for chocolate enthusiasts worldwide. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with loved ones, its iconic taste leaves an unforgettable impression, evoking feelings of joy and satisfaction with every savored moment.

Price Range: PKR 50 – PKR 1,000 (depending on size and variety)

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2. Nestlé KitKat

Buy Nestle Kitkat

Kit Kat, a renowned chocolate wafer bar, is synonymous with its irresistible combination of crispy wafer layers enveloped in smooth milk chocolate. KitKat has been a popular choice for a quick snack or treat. Its distinctive snap upon breaking a piece has become an iconic characteristic. This iconic treat offers a perfect balance of crunchiness and sweetness, making it a delightful snack enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether relishing it as a quick indulgence or taking a break, Kit Kat’s unique taste and convenient finger-sized portions make it a beloved choice worldwide.

Price Range: PKR 20 – PKR 500 (based on size and quantity)

3. Snickers


Snickers, known for its distinctive combination of roasted peanuts, caramel, nougat, and milk chocolate, stands as a unique delight among chocolate barsin Pakistan. Its blend of flavors creates a satisfying balance of sweet, nutty, and chewy textures, making it an irresistible treat. What sets Snickers apart is its ability to offer a hearty snacking experience, with its rich combination of ingredients providing a fulfilling and indulgent taste.

Price Range: PKR 70 – PKR 300 (based on size)

4. Mars


Mars, a renowned chocolate bar, offers a delightful combination of milk chocolate, caramel, and nougat. Its rich and smooth milk chocolate coating encapsulates a soft nougat center, complemented by a layer of creamy caramel. Mars bars provide a delicious and satisfying taste, balancing sweetness with the right amount of chewiness, making it a popular choice among chocolate lovers worldwide.

Price Range: PKR 60 – PKR 250 (based on size)

5. Ferrero Rocher


Ferrero Rocher, a globally acclaimed confectionery, presents an exquisite combination of a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a creamy hazelnut filling, surrounded by a crisp wafer shell, and enveloped in smooth milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts. These decadent golden treats are renowned for their luxurious taste and elegant presentation, making them a premium choice for indulgence and gifting on special occasions. The delicate layers of flavors and textures create a memorable experience with each bite of Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

Price Range: PKR 300 – PKR 3,000 (depending on pack size)

6. Lindt Chocolate Bars

Lindt Lindor Milk

Lindt Chocolate Bars come in various flavors, ranging from classic milk chocolate to intense dark chocolate with varying cocoa percentages, offering a wide selection to cater to diverse preferences. The bars are elegantly wrapped, maintaining Lindt’s commitment to quality, making them a sophisticated choice for chocolate enthusiasts seeking pure, refined flavors.

Price Range: PKR 200 – PKR 800 (varying based on flavor and size)

7. Toblerone

Toblerone Swiss Milk

Toblerone’s distinct triangular-shaped milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat is a popular choice for those who prefer a blend of sweetness and crunchiness.

Price Range: PKR 100 – PKR 600 (depending on size and variety)

8. Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey's Kisses Chocolate

Hershey’s Kisses, small bite-sized chocolates wrapped in foil, are enjoyed for their rich taste and are often used in baking and decorating desserts.

Price Range: PKR 100 – PKR 500 (based on pack size)


9. Alpine Chocolate

 Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate

Alpine chocolates, available in various flavors, offer a smooth and delectable taste and are quite affordable.

Price Range: PKR 50 – PKR 300 (depending on size)

10. Quality Street

Quality Street Chocolate

Quality Street assortments containing various chocolates and toffees are popular during festive seasons and as gifts due to their assortment and variety.

Price Range: PKR 400 – PKR 1,500 (based on pack size)

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That prices and availability may vary based on location, stores, and ongoing promotions. It’s advisable to check with local retailers or online platforms for the most current prices and availability in 2024.

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