Ban on Banana and Onion Exports Enforced by Pakistan

News Desk1 month ago

After the newly constituted federal cabinet gave its consent, the Ministry of Commerce announced the prohibition in an effort to guarantee that onions and bananas would be available throughout Ramadan at fair pricing.

Banana and onion exports to Afghanistan will be halted or limited as of right now and will last until the end of Ramadan on April 15. In the meanwhile, the Export Policy Order 2022 was amended.

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When the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) announced the weekly inflation numbers for the week ending February 29, 2024, it was clear that the trend was rising. The price of onions increased by 2.87% and the price of bananas by 5.25%.

While fruit merchants were charging Rs150 for small-sized bananas and Rs250–300 for a dozen large-sized bananas, onions were being offered for Rs280–300 per kilogram.

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