ASF Thwarts Drug Smuggling Attempt at Karachi Airport

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According to the ASF officials, they apprehended a traveller called Muhammad Ahsan who was flying from the Karachi airport to Dubai and found 2.28 kilogramme of ICE heroine and 420 grammes of brown heroine in his possession.

The substance was deftly concealed in a dough kneading machine, however the ASF employees discovered the contraband when searching the products, thwarting the smuggling operations.

Following a preliminary investigation, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) received custody of the apprehended suspects and the substances that had been recovered from them by the ASF personnel.

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A significant amount of drugs worth US $107 million were seized in March by the Pakistan Navy (PN), Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), and Anti Narcotics Force (ANF).

According to the information provided, the three forces carried out a coordinated intelligence-driven counter-narcotics operation at sea and foiled an effort to smuggle a substantial amount of drugs.

A representative for the PMSA stated that a shipment including 1200 kg of hash and 300 kg of crystal or ice was scheduled to be shipped by sea to foreign locations. Narcotics that are seized have an estimated worth of $107 million on the global market. The seized contraband has been given to ANF for additional examination and possible legal action.

According to a PMSA spokesman, the PN, PMSA, and ANF’s effective counter-narcotics operation is evidence of their vigilance and continued commitment to stopping the unauthorised use of Pakistani waterways and territory.

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