Ajay Devgn’s Haunting Experience

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These days, Ajay Devgn is promoting “Shaitaan,” his upcoming movie. In the teaser, R. Madahavan was shown harassing Ajay Devgn and Jyothika Saravanan’s family while seeking sanctuary in their home.

He hypnotizes their daughter and terrorizes the family by using her as a weapon. According to an article by the Indian news outlet India Today, the actor acknowledged that he had seen ghostly things while filming in f.

“I have encountered numerous paranormal incidents,” the article cited him as saying. In the past, when we shot outside, we encountered paranormal activity. We have witnessed a great deal of paranormal activity in the first ten to twelve years of our work.

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I don’t know how many of the events I’ve experienced are real and how many are just in my head. However, I have not come across many people who do not concur with this. The first thought that crosses our minds when we get sick or leave the house is that it’s the evil eye. Everyone shares this belief.

Regarding his role in “Shaitaan,” the seasoned actor stated that he has always wanted to participate in a horror movie since he adores the genre and believes that dark magic exists.

“I had previously completed Bhoot, and I had always wanted to work in the horror genre. Black magic is a part of every culture, which is why I adore this genre,” he remarked.

The actor went on, “Anyone whose family experiences this will have a sense of duty; this film is not only about me. I belong to the group.


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