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His nickname is Mr. Perfectionist. the performer who is prepared to go above and beyond to fully inhabit a role. Not only is Aamir Khan one of India’s top performers, but his movies have won him widespread appreciation. Everyone watches his films; there are no specific fan bases who do not wish to see them. That speaks much about both the caliber of the movie and his performances. He has evolved into an actor who values quality above quantity, which guarantees that his movies always generate a lot of buzz.


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The final Indian film to make an Oscar shortlist. “Lagaan” is a perfect illustration of the heights to which commercial film may ascend. Despite being exceedingly long by any measure, the movie never gets old to us. In the cricket match, Aamir portrays Bhuvan, the team captain, and he must demonstrate his bravery on the field. He is the center of attention for the entire community, and it is very admirable how he inspires the squad to win. It is difficult to see many other performers making the same kind of impression in a part like this. This is a result of both the character’s and the actor’s aura.

3 Idiots

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“3 Idiots,” Aamir Khan’s debut film with Rajkumar Hirani, is still remembered for its extraordinary box office and critical reception. And Aamir has a great deal of responsibility for that achievement. It’s Aamir Khan all the way, even with outstanding backing from Madhavan and Sharman Joshi. When Rancho is at his most motivating, Aamir’s portrayal of him has an impact on nearly every other character he encounters. His wise comments motivate the students, enrage the college administration, and spark a titanic battle with Silencer. The fact that Aamir can make us laugh, weep, and most importantly, follow our passions, is what truly makes him successful in the movie. Throughout the movie, he nearly serves as our guide.


'PK' - Movie Review: Viewers Can't Praise Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma ...

Most likely, this is not surprising. Aamir shown his willingness to go above and beyond in order to fulfill the position to the best of his ability. He picked up languages, among other things, and—possibly most impressively—he stays completely dark for nearly the whole movie. With an almost childlike quality and a wide-eyed inquiry in the title part, Aamir gives a performance that is unquestionably a tour de force. The fact that “PK” is presently the highest-grossing Indian film ever is another evidence of its excellence. Since this portrays the actor at the height of his abilities, it will be hard for him to surpass it. “PK” ought to serve as the primary example of what actor Aamir Khan is capable of.


Dangal (2016) - IMDb

The most recent movie on this list also serves as an illustration of how much Aamir’s acting has developed over time. Despite the fact that Mahavir uses techniques that are difficult for his kids, there is nothing in the movie that makes us loathe him, which is a particularly commendable aspect of his performance. The spectator can only see the sincere father who aspires to turn his girls become champions despite this tendency in him. The father-daughter wrestling battle is one of the movie’s more memorable scenes. He is pleased that his daughter won, but he isn’t satisfied with the way she did it.

Rang De Basanti

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One of the finest Bollywood movies of the century, it authentically captured the young mentality. Many young people may identify with Aamir’s character in the movie because they can put themselves in his shoes. The story of the movie heavily relies on his transition from an easygoing and fun-loving student to someone who feels pressured to act due of the injustices in his environment. Aamir’s ability to convey emotion via acting is demonstrated when he uses only his eyes to convey the depth of his rage, which has a stronger effect than words could. The sequence in the climax where he shares this tender moment with Siddharth is another standout. This is a man who is prepared to accept death rather than run away from it.

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