7,000+ SIMs Unblocked as Non-Filers File Tax Returns

News Desk6 days ago

According to sources close to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), 7167 mobile SIM cards were unlocked following the filing of income tax returns by the respective users.

According to the FBR, it has given telecom providers access to the data of 65,000 non-filers and requested that they disable these people’s SIM cards.

According to the FBR sources, a decision has been made to block the SIMs of 506,671 non-filers in accordance with the Income Tax General Order.

On May 23, it was previously reported that the mobile phone carriers had disabled over 11,000 SIM cards belonging to non-tax filers, per the FBR’s suggestion.

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Based on the information provided, the telecom firms possessed more than 3000 SIM cards belonging to individuals who did not submit their income tax returns during the initial phase.

Then, on Wednesday, the cellular carriers disabled about 9000 SIM cards in response to another proposal from the FBR, bringing the total to 11, 252.

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