5 Best Pakistani Movies

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The most popular Pakistani movies that have been shown in theaters both domestically and abroad are listed below. Pakistani films make money from a variety of sources, including as merchandise sales, theater releases, television broadcast rights, and box office revenues (admissions). For domestic gross data, see List of highest-grossing films in Pakistan.


Pakistani Film BOL to release worldwide by EROS Entertainment on 20th ...

Pakistani courts have ruled Zainub Khan guilty, and he will be executed by hanging. Her final request is to share her tale with the media. If granted permission, she describes how her family was forced to relocate from Delhi to Lahore in 1948. In an attempt to conceive a male, her father, Hakim Sayed Hashmutallah Khan, married Suraiya in this manner; however, he ended up with seven girls. Hashmutullah wanted the eighth child—who turned out to be a hermaphrodite—killed, but Suraiya vowed she wouldn’t tell anybody in order to save her husband the embarrassment.

They hired a tutor to instruct the youngster at home, giving him the name Saifullah. Upon returning home from a disastrous marriage, Zainub discovers her brother is being molested by the tutor and requests that he leave. Saifullah’s father’s income is decreasing, he is unable to attend school, his mother is giving birth to stillborn kids, and his siblings lack education, which forces him to look for work.


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Wahid, a destitute train station manager in the isolated province of Balochistan in Pakistan, must confront not just his wife’s untimely death but also his own personal demons from childhood and his role in the circumstances leading up to it. He has to decide between saving his estranged son who is involved in a similar struggle for a better life in the big city, and helping his own elder brother get into a web of corruption that could lead to a more comfortable life but also threatens to destroy his beloved railways and morals.


Manto Box Office Report: PKR 2.735 Crores in 2 Weeks | Brandsynario

The chronicles of Manto, a famous Urdu novelist who opts to live in Lahore after the independence of Pakistan. He left Bombay because it wasn’t safe anymore for Muslims, but his artistic choices made him face obscenity charges.

Zinda Bhaag (2013) - IMDb

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What compels a guy to enter a freight container that will be sealed for several days? Why does he enter a dilapidated, overcrowded boat and brave a rough sea? or quickly cross foreign borders while avoiding gunfire? What are the forces that drive males in Pakistan to take drastic measures in search of the illusion of a safe future abroad? With the world of illegal immigration as a background, In the movie Zinda Bhaag, three young men attempt to escape the harsh realities of their daily life, and they succeed in ways they never would have imagined. Three buddies in a run-down Lahore neighborhood are itching to start their careers quickly. The three young adults, Khaldi, Taambi, and Chitta, all in their early 20s, think that going to the West is the only path out.

Na Maloom Afraad

Na Maloom Afraad (2014)

In 2014, Nabeel Qureshi made his directorial debut with the action-comedy film Na Maloom Afraad, which translates to “Unidentified People.” Qureshi co-wrote and directed the film. With Urwa Hocane, Kubra Khan, and Salman Shahid in supporting roles, it stars Javed Sheikh, Fahad Mustafa, and Mohsin Abbas Haider. The plot centers on Shakeel (Sheikh), Farhaan (Mustafa), and Moon (Haider), three impoverished but hardworking people who pursue every avenue to become wealthy. They all run into problems while trying to achieve their goals and aspirations in dubious moral methods.

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