23 Arrested in Punjab for Terrorist Activities

News Desk4 months ago

According to specifics, the CTD conducted a number of operations in Punjab and detained 23 terrorists on suspicion of having ties to illegal organizations.

According to a CTD spokesman, among the terrorists apprehended during the raids were explosives, cash, guns, two IED bombs, and ten detonators.

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Three militants carrying explosives and the jail plan were apprehended after the Punjab Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and police thwarted an earlier attempt to storm the Adiala jail.

In a coordinated operation, police and CTD troops apprehended three terrorists in possession of sophisticated weaponry, such as explosives, an improvised explosive device (IED), and a jail plan, according to City Police Officer (CPO) Syed Khalid Hamdani.

According to him, law enforcement carried out IBO after learning that there were terrorists in the neighborhood.

According to the CPO, the detained terrorists were from Afghanistan and intended to carry out acts of terrorism in the region. They also disclosed that law enforcement and police were conducting searches in the vicinity of Adiala jail.

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