Showbiz Industry Is Fake: Hira Umer

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The most recent guest on ARY News’ PSL special show “Har Lamha Purjosh” was showbiz superstar Hira Umer. She was very sporty, participating in enjoyable sports and giving honest answers to host Waseem Badami’s “masoomana” questions.

She filled in the blank during the episode by stating, “Social media is a waste of time and is addictive.” Every day, a lot of time is lost on social media.

Speaking about the entertainment sector, Umer claimed that the majority of its members are “fake.” “People on film are not always who they seem to be. In actual life, they are not as kind and charming as they are in fictional works,” she said.

The actor from “Jaisay Aapki Marzi” also said that she will wed a decent, honest man who can support her comfortably.

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Regarding her professional life, Hira Umer is presently starring as Zara in the popular drama series “Burns Road Kay Romeo Juliet,” which stars Hamza Sohail and Iqra Aziz.

“Burns Road Kay Romeo Juliet,” directed by Fajr Raza and written by Parisa Siddiqui, premieres every Monday and Tuesday at prime time exclusively on ARY Digital.

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